Rocky's Information

Breed: shar pei mix,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 0-1 Year
Can live with: Cats, Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Inman SC

He loves car rides, baseballs and other dogs. His favorite treat is plain M&M’s (he only gets 2 a day). He is an inside dog but he loves to go outside and play. He lives with 2 other cats. Sometimes he thinks he is a cat… LOL… He loves to cuddle and sleep on the bed/couch. He travels well to. We took a trip to Ohio this year and he did good. If you get over 55 miles per hours, he gets a little sick so we give him 1/4 of a Dramamine. He has had all his shots and he is fixed. He loves going to Doggy Day Care and Dog parks. He is house broken and can obey commands such as sit, come, and settle. He can walk on a leash. He does not really like baths but once in the tub he does fine. He loves to chew on toys of any kind and plastic bottles. So I keep toys, bones and bottles out at all times. He has never chewed any furniture. I am not sure how he would do with small kids because he gets so excited to see them, he jumps and licks faces. It scares the kids cause he is big. He is very protective of my family so I am sure he will be the same with his new family. He is not real good with older men… (not sure why) I think our maintenance guys in the apartment scared him one day. If anyone is interested in giving my sweet boy a home let me know. Thanks so much

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