Chase's Information

Breed: Black lab mix,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 6 Years
Can live with: Children, Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Anderson, SC

Chase is a black 6-year-old rescue mix. His personality is more nervous, and he is afraid of rain and loud noises.  However, he is very sweet and likes to crawl up in your lap to be loved on.  He also loves to chase balls and run.  He also does some tricks and loves to please you… especially for treats.  He does like to dig and chew some, but if given attention, he does not do it as much.  He needs a big yard or field in which to run around and play; however, if trained, he would probably be a good indoor dog, as well.  Mostly, he needs a family who will love him, play with him and take care of him the way we have his whole life.  We have had Chase since he was a rescued pup, and he has been well-taken care of at the vet.

He has a 9-year old chocolate lab mix companion, Molly, who has been with him since we brought him home as a pup.  We would love to keep them together, if at all possible.  They love each other.

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